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AAAmachine i-BES

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Welcome to AAAmachine "i-BES"!!

If you ever purchased powder handling/energy saving equipment from abroad, you might have a problem buying consumable parts from the supplier in foreign countries. Please visit AAAmachine "i-BES" in that case. If the equipment is less than $10,000, we can include it in "i-BES".

AAAmachine is happy to contact the foreign supplier and include the parts you want in our e-commerce site for your direct on-line purchase from the supplier using your personal/corporate credit card. UPS, Fedex can be used for international shipment to be charged collect to your UPS/Fedex account.

Please visit our shopping cart from the top button of this page and check the category list to find your equipment/parts. If it is clickable, the international equipment/parts are on sale. The products summary are also shown in the following page.

If you do not find your required parts/equipment, don't worry.
Please visit the following questionnaire page and let us know your required international parts/equipment information.
We are happy to contact the supplier to find out the availability of your parts/equipment and if they can be included in "i-BES".

If you find your required parts and have an interest in buying those products, please join "i-BES membership".

You can register to this membership for free. By using your ID and password, you can use "i-BES" at special price. We need the following information for your registration.

1) Company name (blank if individual)
2) Company/individual address
3) Company/individual telephone number
4) Company/individual fax number
5) Your name
6) Credit card information (corporate/individual)
7) Your email address
8) Shipping preference

As the above information is very important to you/us, we will not receive this through internet for security reason.  Once the above information is received, we will keep your data in a separate secure server (different server from i-BES e-commerce site).

Please download this word or pdf file, fill out the form and send it to AAAmachine by fax at 847-376-3530. We will set up your ID/password and inform you in a secure way.

If you have any questions, please call AAAmachine at 800-996-0070 for details.