AOC-1B <Control panel for air knocker>

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2.80 KGS

Control panel for air knocker (Air knocker / Mini mini blaster) Opecon AOC-1B

Thread = NPT    NET Weight : 1.4kg

Control panel allowing the number of impacts to be set only by pneumatic control

This product is used for the following applications:
1.OPECON is used if RKV is less frequently used in the grain forage silo in aggregate plant
2.Prevention of blockage in the recycle fuel (capsule of compressed wood) supply hopper
3.Prevention of blockage in the glass cullet storage hopper

OPECON (AOC-1B) air operation controller is the simplest control panel that allows the number of ON/OFF impacts of the relay knocker and Mini Blaster to be set only by pneumatic control, without electric connection and electric timer device.

Operable only by air supply
OPECON (AOC-1B) air operation control is a control panel that can be operated only by air supply. One-time operation of the manual valve in this equipment allows the relay knocker and Mini Blaster to be operated continuously without electric timer.

The simplest control panel
Pneumatic Operation Controller (Opecon AOC-1B) is a control panel that is convenient for easy continuous run by manual operation if, for example, takes time before electric work. It is an inexpensive and simple control panel that allows the air knocker to be operated only by pneumatic control.

Easy setting of time interval between impacts
The time interval between actuation of Air Operation Controller (AOC-1B) can be set with the control knob of the number of times for Air Operation Controller while knocker or blaster is actuated. Because the adjustment can be made during operation, the actuation time can be changed while the operation sound is heard.

One control panel (AOC-1B) can operate up to three knockers
Although one control panel can drive one air knocker in the conventional piping, it can drive up to three air knockers via relay piping. Thus, several air knockers mounted on the same hopper can be driven by one control panel, which reduces the expenses.
*For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to "Flow aid equipment combination".

Indoor/outdoor use type with safe structure

OPECON (AOC-1B) can be used safely in any work environment regardless of indoors or outdoors.