Blade set for Piccolo BL6S-SMP-2

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7.00 KGS

Super Mixer Piccolo Blades

Like all Kawata mixers, the defining feature of the Super Mixer Piccolo is its high-quality mixing blades.

Dispersing, damping, milling, granulating and drying of materials is made easy through the use of Kawata’s expertly crafted blades. Standard blades come with the mixer and a variety of additional blades are also available.

With a wide range of blades to choose from your options are virtually limitless, even with this smaller mixer.


Innovative removable blades set Kawata Super Mixers apart from conventional mixers

·  Removable and interchangeable

·  Available in custom shapes for many applications: cooling, granulating, pelletizing, etc.

·  Designed in simple shapes for easy cleaning

· Available for both upper and lower mixing


Option Reserve blades

Agitation blades supported by creativity. To meet the types of material to agitate as well as agitation purpose, variety combination of agitation blades in different forms makes wide range of application possible such as dispersing, damping, milling, granulating and drying the mixing material.


Optional blade set (3sets (upper) + 3 sets (lower))     
   * Includes: SI, V, KV Type (upper), BL, D, FP type (lower)
   * Material: 304 stainless steel
   * Net weight: 6 kg (13 lbs)