Control panel for relay knocker

Control panel for relay knocker (Air knocker/ Mini mini blaster) HKA5000A type

Control panel with no power supply and with explosion-proof specification

This product is used for the following applications:
1.Used for controlling knocker and Mini Blaster in the explosion-proof area in iron-making plant
2.Used for controlling knocker in the resin pellet production line (explosion-proof area) in petrochemical plant

This product is an operation panel that allows the operation and operation interval to be controlled with only air supply without power supply. This product can be used in the field with no power supply or in an explosion-proof area. For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to "Flow aid equipment combination".

Adoption of air controlled method without power supply
The timer for controlling the operation interval and the control component (OR element) for switching the manual/automatic operation are pneumatically controlled without power supply. (Note that the operation interval is up to 180s)

Compliance with IP code 54
The product can be used indoors and outdoors including the field under adverse conditions (e.g., a great amount of dust).

Suitable for control in explosion-proof area
If the knocker is used in a special area where a dust explosion or a firing accident may occur, N2 (nitrogen) is used to prevent explosion accidents.

Manual/Automatic mode selectable
Manual/Automatic operation can be selected with the selection switch.


Control panel for relay knocker

Air knocker control panel for indoor and outdoor use EKE 5000 type

Knocker control panel supporting three input voltages!

This product is used for the following applications:
1.Used when the timer operation for the number RKVs to be controlled is required for hopper in the environmental recycling plant
2.Prevention of blockage in dust hopper for dust collector in waste treatment plant

EKE5000 model is a control panel for indoor and outdoor use that can controls the operation interval of air knocker, Mini Mini Blaster, and soft disk blaster and that can operate two lines of A and B with the solenoid valve included. (IP code 44 draining waterproof) The input power voltage is 100VAC to 240VAC. (Input power voltage of 24VDC can be supported: built-to-order product) The timer can be set in wide range of time from 1 second to 99 hours, and the timer display employing LED is easily viewable. In addition to the timer control, the control of the number of times of operations is also possible.

Input power voltage range (100VAC to 240VAC) expanding applications
The product can be adapted to almost all fields because one control panel supports the input power with single-phase 100VAC to 240VAC voltage. The output voltage is the same as the input voltage. (The product supporting the input of 24VDC is a built-to-order product.)

Bright and clear timer display
The timer is displayed in bright and clear LED display, which allows the setting time to be checked even in a dark site.

Easy timer setup
The timer is set by opening the cover and then flipping the switches of second, minute, and hour with a finger to easily set second, minute, and hour to 0.5, 1 to 99 seconds, 1 to 99 minutes, and 1 to 99 hours, respectively.

Number of times of operations can be set
After the interval time of operation is set, the number of times of operations can also be set easily. The setting number is 1 to 99, and infinite. It is convenient that the remaining number of times from start to end is also displayed.

Selection of "Standard" and "Alternation" modes
When using the knockers divided into two lines by use of the port solenoid valve, select "Alternation" mode to perform the alternating operation of two lines of A and B. (the same as the function of knocker control panel HKE series) If only A line is used with the timer setting time long, select "Standard" mode. The product is factory-set to "Alternation" mode.

IP code 44
With a structure complying with IP code IP44 draining waterproof and dustproof, EKE5000 model can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be installed to any site where there is a large amount of dust or outdoors.

Operation triggered by signal from external equipment
The use of external contact (a-contact) of terminal block in control panel allows the knocker to start striking upon receiving the hopper opening-closing valve signal or the conveyance line signal, which is convenient to remote operation during automatic control.

Convenient combination of setup of infinite number of times and external signal
After the operation interval time is set in timer setup, if the number of times of operations is set to infinite, the knocker continues operation while external signal is received.

Easy test run
Before the timer is set, it is possible to check whether the relay knocker or blaster installed operates correctly, by setting the power switch on the panel to "Setup" and then pressing "Enter" key.

EKE5000 model: precautions for wiring
"2" and "3" of terminal block are used when the control panel is controlled externally. Use the control panel with a switch is connected between "2" and "3" of terminal block.