Hall Flow Meter JIS-Z2502 without timer

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5.00 KGS

Hall Flowmeter (ASTM B213, JIS-Z2502) without timer

Determination of flow rate by means of
calibrated funnel hall flowmeter for metal powder

Available orifice: 2.50 mm (JIS) or
0.1” (ASTM) in Diameter

◇The specifications
   Please follow ASTM or JIS standard.

  Crystal dish 1
  Funnel 1
  Power cord 1


Measurement by B213 (50g sample passing through time) is quick and easy to operate.
Powder passes through an orifice of a funnel – start/stop timing is measured manually.

Easy & Precise

A sensor can measure the correct time. Metal and other spherical powder which flows from
the funnel is sensed and start-stop timings are measured manually.
You can just put a sample in a funnel. Then measurement can start/stop manually. 

The Tsutsui Hall Flow Meter is the answer for simple, precise powder measurement.

  • Solves your powder flow measuring problems
  • Straightforward, easy to use
  • Uncomplicated design
  • ASTM and ISO standards

We're here to solve your powder flow measuring problems.

Can your business afford to rely on a process where human error is extremely likely to be a factor?

Can you depend on inconsistent data? - Human error skews results.

When a difference in hundredths of a second can change everything, you simply can't rely on data from manual timing.

Your Problem:You need to measure a powder's flowability but are stuck using a stopwatch or other unreliable, inaccurate method to time the powder as it flows. You are not confident about the inconsistent results you are getting, and it's affecting your business or lab's bottom line.

Our solution: Tsutsui's Hall Flow Meter's automatic photoelectric sensor easily and precisely measures the flow rate of any powder. The sensor automatically starts and stops and times the powder as it flows through the hall funnel. A clear digital read­out displays the measured time to the hundredth of a second. Flow measurement is a breeze.Eliminate the hassle of manually and unreliably measuring the flow rate. The sensor's superb accuracy eliminates measurement errors caused by less reliable methods. The meter is simple to use and its read­outs are easy to understand.

Tell us more! A Hall Flow Meter is a flow measurement instrument that was designed to take the guess work out of measuring the flow rate and flowability of metal and other powders. If you are manually measuring powder flowing through a funnel, you can't consistently start and stop timing and it's difficult to judge when exactly the powder enters and exits the funnel. There is also the delay involved in pressing the button on the timer to account for.