HKA5000A <Control panel for relay knocker>

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17.20 KGS

Control panel for relay knocker (Air knocker/ Mini mini blaster) HKA5000A type

Thread = NPT   NET Weight : 12kg

Control panel with no power supply and with explosion-proof specification

This product is used for the following applications:
1.Used for controlling knocker and Mini Blaster in the explosion-proof area in iron-making plant
2.Used for controlling knocker in the resin pellet production line (explosion-proof area) in petrochemical plant

This product is an operation panel that allows the operation and operation interval to be controlled with only air supply without power supply. This product can be used in the field with no power supply or in an explosion-proof area. For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to "Flow aid equipment combination".

Adoption of air controlled method without power supply
The timer for controlling the operation interval and the control component (OR element) for switching the manual/automatic operation are pneumatically controlled without power supply. (Note that the operation interval is up to 180s)

Compliance with IP code 54
The product can be used indoors and outdoors including the field under adverse conditions (e.g., a great amount of dust).

Suitable for control in explosion-proof area
If the knocker is used in a special area where a dust explosion or a firing accident may occur, N2 (nitrogen) is used to prevent explosion accidents.

Manual/Automatic mode selectable
Manual/Automatic operation can be selected with the selection switch.