KAWATA Mfg. Co., Ltd.

kawata super mixers

Kawata has a wide range of mixers made to suit a variety of industries and applications. Sizes range from a small scale desktop version to large scale production mixers. Kawata’s High Speed Mixers all produce an incredibly refined product, and each has a special set of features to best handle different materials and volumes.


The Super Mixers shorten production times, increase output, utilize detachable blades, and feature an easy operation.

For the next level in mixing, Kawata developed the state-of-the-art Super Floater which boasts the innovative features of the Super Mixers, plus advanced additions such as a plastic bag tank liner, interchangeable tank sizes, and vibration and agitation features which drastically improve production times while lowering energy costs. Kawata’s extensive line of industrial mixers and mixing equipment has something for every need. Our experts will help determine what high speed mixer is best for you.