KSE-1 <Control panel for air knocker>

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3.20 KGS

Control panel for air knocker  KSE-1

Thread = NPT    NET Weight : 1.2kg

The timer control panel for solenoid valve control KSE1 type that controls the interval between impacts and the number of impacts.

1) Place: Ceramics powder plant in Japan
2) What is installed?: Timer control box Model KSE for Air Knocker (AC100-115V/AC200V/DC24V - 3 type, IP65 dust proof)
3) Before: Relay knocker control box was used (no display)
4) After: Timer set (off/knocking time) display is bright and clear. Timer adjustment (0.5 second to 99 hrs - off) is easy by opening the top transparent cover. One control box can handle 2 knockers. Remotely controlled.