Programmable Sonic Sifter SW-20AT

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Sieve Diameter : 200mm(8")

◇The specification
* Power supply: AC100V single phase
60VA 50/60Hz
* Sieve: 200 mmDia. x 45mmH (60mmH)
* Stackable: 1 to 6 stages
Sonic generator 1
Sonic source/O-Ring 1
Sonic receiver (rubber) 1
Connecting cable 1
Power cable 1
Tapping ball (2mm or 3mm Dia.)
Sound-proof cover (Optional)

1) Sifter making use of the columnar vibration method.
2) Samples are separated under the vibrating effects of air flow inside
sieves without moving sieve frames. Suitable for fine particles of 5
microns to 50 microns. A set of sieves can be stacked up to 5 layers
(total 6 stages). Five sets of three parameters (output, frequency and
time) can be stored in the memory.

This sifter is light-weight and compact, so it can be tested on the
workbench. Once a program is established, it can be tested under the same
environment next time without inputting anything.

Fine particle sifting issues? Our Programmable Sonic Sifter will solve them.

Your problem: Your fine powder needs to be sifted and separated, but it's clogging a standard sifter or sieve shaker. Needing to punch in settings like the timer before every round of sifting is frustrating you and wasting time. You have to double check the numbers every time to make sure your sifting is consistent. The machinery is bulky and heavy, so you are stuck with keeping it in one location.

The Tsutsui solution: Our Programmable Sonic Sifter was specifically engineered for fine particles (5 microns to 50 microns) with a bonus set-it-and-forget-it memory feature. Get consistent results without the hassle. The lightweight and compact design make the Programmable Sonic Sifter by Tsutsui ideal for laboratory or workbench use alike; small footprint, huge results.