RKD30PA <Air knocker RKD series>

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Air knocker RKD series(Direct impact type)

Direct impact type hammering equipment for expanded applications

This product is used for the following applications:
1.Food factory: RKD is used to remove the chocolate from the mold in chocolate factory
2.Elimination of adhesion on wall surface in rotary drier
3.Removal of extra paint in powder paint
4.Prevention of adhesion on wall surface of workpiece for furnace, knocking off of weld spatter, prevention of adhesion on workpiece on mesh in drying furnace
5.Used for inscription
6.Used for telescope enforcement
7.Removal of water on base

The Air knocker series (direct impact type) are unique equipment in which the force of compressed air causes the piston to strike the hopper wall surface directly and energetically, which eliminate the adhesion or clogging of powder. In addition, this knocker is excellent in safety and economics because it can be used only by air supply, and it can be used safely for powder that has a characteristic to show adhesion when receiving the centrifugal force. While the indirect impact type strikes the mounted knocker base at a predetermined position, the air knocker is used in wider range of applications on your idea, such as striking the moving object and striking the target with the knocker itself moved. It is also used like the indirect impact type.

Direct impact type for expanded applications
Unlike the indirect impact type, the air knocker series (direct impact type) are used for expanded applications in addition to striking the limited strike base because the piston energetically comes out of the body. They can be used for various applications in addition to elimination of blockage, such as the knocker is actuated to eject the blockage of workpieces when the mobile hopper is loaded on the receiving table to which the air knocker series (direct impact type) is mounted, and the wall surface of automatic line where workpieces are flowed is struck when the air knocker series (direct impact type) is mounted to the automatic line.

Adjustable impact force
In the air stainless steel knocker series, just changing the pressure of supply air allows the impact force to be changed by the special mushroom valve (patented). The air pressure is increased if the blockage cannot be eliminated, and is decreased if the impact force is too strong. Moreover, the adjustment of pressure is effective in reducing noise. Even if wrong selection of model results in excessive or poor capability during installation work, such a problem may be solved by adjusting the impact force. Thus, the adjustable impact force mechanism is appreciated in the field.

Relay piping allowing multiple units to be used simultaneously
Air knocker is equipped with relay piping function (patented) in which one control panel can operate more than one unit simultaneously. In the similar way, one controller or the control panel dedicated to knocker can use more than one unit. Thus, the introduction of relay piping will decrease the facility cost because the number of control panels in overall facilities can be reduced.
*For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to “The combination of flow aid system”

Operating principle of Air knocker
1. The compressed air flowed into the knocker is first supplied to the valve chamber to depress the mushroom valve and then is stored in the accumulator.
2. When the three-way valve is actuated to exhaust the air from the valve chamber, the compressed air in the accumulator moves the mushroom valve upward.
3. When the mushroom valve moves, the compressed air in the accumulator depresses the piston energetically, which strikes the base surface. That impact force eliminates the adhesion or blockage of powder.

*For the operating principle of air relay knocker, also refer to “The operating principle of flow aid system”

Oil-free and environmentally friendly
The air knocker series require no lubricant during operation. It is suitable for the work environment in factory because it does not produce oil-mist. Oiler is not needed to be installed in the air supply facilities, which brings great advantages on customers, such as cost reduction and no lubrication maintenance required.

Simple structure and high durability
The air knocker series withstand a million times of hammering. They have durability supported by high design basis and have a simple structure, which provides almost maintenance-free performance and requires no additional spare parts. In long-term delivery record of this air knocker series, customers have appreciated its maintenance-free performance with almost no failure.

Various types of dedicated controllers for knockers are available
The dedicated control panel is available for operation of air knocker series and stainless steel knocker series. The control panels include the air operation controller AOC-1B type that can start operation readily without electric power, the timer control panel for solenoid valve control KSE1 type that controls the interval between impacts and the number of impacts, and the control panel HKE series, or the control panel EKE5000 with free input voltage specification from 100 to 240VAC. In addition, the fully air controlled control panel HKA5000A for explosion-proof area is available. (Option)