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21.66 KGS

SMP-2 (Piccolo)

Incredibly compact design that can sit on a desk

Multiple applications (powder, pellets and liquids)

Easy operation


Advanced Capabilities
Mixes batches quickly and uniformly

Features removable mixing tank for easy cleaning

Supports a multitude of applications (powder, pellets, and some liquids)


Cutting-Edge Design

Compact and lightweight; small enough for desk top use

Energy efficient; AC100 volts

Easily operated



●Uniform mixing in a short time.

●Compact and desktop type.

●Easy operation.

●Removable mixing tank for easy cleaning.

●Multiple applications

  (powdor, pellets and liquids).

  *Types of liquids that can be used are limited.

 ●100 volts.


Compact and Desktop Type, Suitable for Experimental and Research Use

1. Voltage used is 100V and easy operation, multiple applications

2.Removable mixing tank for easy cleaning

Customized agitating blades come in various types and shapes as option

The Super Mixer Piccolo

The Compact Mixer
The Super Mixer Piccolo is a speed mixer that features the innovative qualities that define all of Kawata’s expertly engineered mixers, but in a compact size that will actually fit on top of a desk.

Removable mixing tanks, interchangeable blades, easy operation, and superior engineering; the Super Mixer Piccolo has everything you’ve come to expect from the Kawata Super Mixers.

Super Mixer Piccolo Specifications



Tank Capacity


Charged Volume

MAX 1.0L (500g)


Open bath type 1.2L

Power Supply

AC100V single phase



Allowable Speed Range

300~3000rpm (Inverter)

Control Panel

All-in-one type




w/standard blades (upper/lower), transformer
* Full capacity: 2 liter (66 fl.oz)
  * Working capacity: 0.4 to 1.2 liter (13 fl.oz to 40 fl. oz)
     1 fl.oz = 30 ml
  * Motor: AC100V 50/60 Hz 200W
  * Net weight: 14 kg (31 lbs)
  * Net dimensions: 380 x 280 x 460 mm H (15" x 11" x 18"H)   
  * Speed range of blade: 300-3000 rpm
  * Water tub (for cooling or heating)
  * Included blade: Upper (S type=standard), Lower (B type= standard)                 
  * Transformer: AC220/AC100V or AC120V/AC100V single phase, 500W
  * Lead time (EXW): 6-8 weeks after order