Spear Powder Sampler

Powder Sampler

Change how you sample powder! Our fully length customizable powder samplers are developed for maximizing unifrom powder sampling in large containers.

We simplify your powder sampling

Your problem: You need a sample of a powder from the middle of a container, perhaps a large container whose center the average sampler can’t reach. No powder sampling equipment is just the right size or high enough quality of material. You need accurate, useful results that other methods just aren't delivering.

Our solution: Tsutsui's 304 stainless steel powder sampler is entirely customizable. We will make it any length for you for any size container. Use with any powder: free­flowing or cohesive

Choose us because we're made just for you.

Simple to use: Compared to other powder sampling equipment, this powder sampler is wonderfully intuitive and easy to use. This double-tube spear sampler has a sampling chamber at the end of the spear that is securely open and shut with just a twist.

The easy sampling process:

Quality: Made from grade 304 stainless steel, our powder sampler is superbly resistant to corrosion.

Improved accuracy from other sampling methods: Tsutsui's custom powder sampler is a powder thieving sampling method for static sampling. It allows for far more accurate and informative data when compared with other inferior methods, like scoop sampling.

 Powder thieving by Tsutsui's custom powder sampler:

 Precise amount of powder collected

 Sample taken from center

 Reaches into deep containers


 Small pointed tip for minimal disruption of powder

 VS. Traditional scoop sampling method

 Variable amount of powder collected

 Sample taken from surface

 Reaches only surface of container


 Wide scoop disrupts powder distribution

Product Specs


Size: (Diameter)


Sample type: Single point

Applications & Uses

Sampling powders provides key data for any manufacturing process. Analyzing the size and shape of particles reveals information about factors like flow, compaction, and suspension. Collecting samples provides knowledge about crucial factors like particle size distribution (PSD).

Inaccurate, ineffectual testing (like sampling from the surface of a powder) gives you unusable, worthless data. Make the switch to a more reliable sampling method.

Whether you're a pharmaceutical company testing powder for use in tablets and capsules, to a food producer testing the color and flavor of cocoa powder, to a cement maker verifying the hydration rate of your cement powder, trust Tsutsui to help you get the information and results you need.

Some examples of the industries that utilize out powder sampling devices

Complementary Products

If you are sampling powder for pharmaceutical use such as manufacturing tablets, a Tablet Abrasion Testerthat measures damage, wear, and powderization of tablets is also available.

Tsutsui has instruments and devices that help you analyze the many diverse characteristics of powder.