Sonic Sifters, Vibrating Sieve Shakers, and Sieves

Programmable Sonic Sifter By Tsutsui

Specially designed to master even super fine powder that clogs other sifters, our range of programmable sonic sifters, shakers and large volume sample sifters are the solution to your fine particle sifting issues.

Fine particle sifting issues? Our Programmable Sonic Sifter will solve them.

Your problem: Your fine powder needs to be sifted and separated, but it's clogging a standard sifter or sieve shaker. Needing to punch in settings like the timer before every round of sifting is frustrating you and wasting time. You have to double check the numbers every time to make sure your sifting is consistent. The machinery is bulky and heavy, so you are stuck with keeping it in one location.

The Tsutsui solution: Our Programmable Sonic Sifter was specifically engineered for fine particles (5 microns to 50 microns) with a bonus set-it-and-forget-it memory feature. Get consistent results without the hassle. The lightweight and compact design make the Programmable Sonic Sifter by Tsutsui ideal for laboratory or workbench use alike; small footprint, huge results.

What We Do Better

Intuitive convenience, lightweight design

Unique and convenient memory feature saves output, frequency, and time presets, ensuring consistent results and eliminating the hassle of programming the sifter before every use. Stack up to six sieves for customized sifting. Vibration eliminates the need for moving parts found in mechanical sifters: the sieves remain stationary, which means no overheating and less wear and tear. It is durable and reliable.

The finer the powder, the more easily it will clump together. Other machines handle coarse powder just fine but fail to be of any use if finer powder is involved.

Our sifter is made especially for fine particles that clog other sifters and sieve shakers. Included tapping ball minimizes screen clogging. Make your sifting clog free!

The 304 stainless steel sonic generator uses the unique method of columnar vibration to sift powder through each sieve’s mesh screen. The range of opening sizes of the mesh ensure the powder is sorted into groups of different particle size.

Product Specs

Included Parts

Power supply


Comes with your choice of 304 stainless steel or nylon / polycarbonate frame sieves. All sieves have a 200 mm diameter and come in a 45 mm depth. 304 stainless steel sieves come in an additional 60 mm depth.

Up to six stages, samples are separated by airflow without moving the sieve frame.

Optional cover also available.

Applications & Uses

If your manufacturing or research involves fine powder and other sifters or sieve shakers just aren't cutting it, this is your answer. We know your needs and have designed an instrument especially for your situation. Just a few examples of the many uses of the Sonic Sifter

Who uses us?

Complementary Products: Parts for the Programmable Sonic Sifter and Sifter variations

Our nylon mesh sieves are lightweight, electrostatic-charge free and melt proof. They come in a variety of sizes of mesh opening, from 5 microns to 4 mm. Choose whichever sizes you need. Sieves for this sifter have a 200 mm diameter.

Do you need a smaller sifter? Try our Micro Sonic Sifter. It has the same specs including the memory feature for output, frequency, and time that you can set and forget­­but in a more compact size. Use it with our Micro Sieves, available in both stainless steel and chrome­plating.

We also have a line of Sieve Shakers:

If you need a sieve shaker for large volumes, try the Sieve Shaker (VSS-300S), which uses 300 mm diameter sieves.

The Bench Sieve Shaker separates samples with both vibration and gyration. It features a digital timer and controls for acceleration and magnitude. An adapter for wet sieving is also available.

Our Vibrating Sieve Shaker is specialized for powder with poor flowability that would clog other sieve shakers. For a quick, effective way to clean our sieves, try our Ultrasonic Sieve Bath. For more information, simply